One Year Natural BABY!

this fro of mine has flourished in the past 4 months. I decided to stop relaxing my hair July 13th 2013 and did the big chop on April 29th 2014. I know people don’t consider themselves natural (referring to my state of hair) until all of the chemically processed hair is removed but i treated my hair as i do fully natural from the day i stopped relaxing, plus its easier to get a timeline of my hair growth. Here’s to many more years with afro hair; i’m enjoying my curls and exploring hairstyles and loving the fact that i can fully love a natural me.

On the evening of my big chop
a picture from a couple of weeks ago!

 And here’s a picture just after a co-wash. As though my hair hasn’t grown at all! Shrinkage is a crazy thing. Hope you’ve enjoyed my post x

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