Top 5 Masks Whatever Your Skin Issue

Top 5 Masks Whatever Your Skin Issue

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With seasonal and weather change, pollution, day to day stress, allergies and sometimes diet our skin can flare up and break out in many ways; meaning the way I treat it will change. I love skincare (second to hair care) and the main product I find gives me a nourishing treatment and acts like a spoonful of medicine to the skin is a face mask.

Wether your skin is just dull and tired from a long day or you have a few blemishes to dry out there is a face mask to suit your skins need. So, having tried and tested I want to give the lowdown on my current favourites, plus certain ingredient’s to tackle problematic flare ups.

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To Brighten: Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

I’m fashionably late to the superfood mask party, emphasis on fashionably as it’s still fresh, as are the ingredients they’ve incorporated. There’s a few different ones to choose from but I was particularly drawn to two of them. For reviving dullness and brightening the skin the Amazonian Acai is my jam, because it literally looks like the stuff. It doesn’t dry as such, the ‘jammy’ formulation replenishes the skin and when you’re ready to remove it use some warm water to work in the seeds to help buff the skin and reveal it’s radiance. This is the ONLY item I have with any beaded exfoliants and it’s very gentle on the skin.

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To Dry Up Spots: Loreal Clay Detox Mask

For blackheads and blemishes you need charcoal, it’s a natural detoxifier and draws out impurities whilst minimising pores. Charcoal also clarifies the skin so great for drying out pimples. My current weapon of choice is Loreal’s Detox Mask it’s a nice thick mask with a kind of menthol smell and warming feeling. It’s perfect to pamper with, and even better for multi masking as I find my cheeks get dry and my t-zone gets oily. Leave this on for 10 mins or until dry and gasp at the visible pore matrix.

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To Plump & Hydrate: Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

First of all I love all things rose (this contains real rose petals) and this delicate scent is not only relaxing but the rosehip oil used in this mask improves skin’s texture, including minimising fine lines and helping with marks. This is like a sheet mask x 100. Super quenching and skin looks youthful and replenished thereafter. Really great for tired skin or when your eyes and face are a bit sullen. This is amazing to use with a face massager for an at home facial treatment.

Superfood MasK True Reviewrose petals in skincareplumping hydrating skin care for dry skin


To Soothe & Moisturise: Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask

This is my go-to for dry skin and particularly in winter. It has apricot kernel oil (and smells like it) which quickly penetrates the skin to nourish from within. Algae extract is known for it’s moisture and regenerative properties and so it has it’s rightful place in this moisture mask. The texture and look reminds me of yoghurt which possibly explains why I find it so soothing when my skin is tight or flaky and reduces any redness. Leave on for 10 mins, it won’t dry so you can wipe off with a damp or dry flannel.

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To Remove Scarring: Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

I first learnt about Banish skin care early last year, they’re mainly known for their derma roller and tailored natural skin care kits. I was intrigued by their pumpkin enzyme mask, This acts as a mild chemical peel, meaning it exfoliates and brightens the skin without microbeads which can cause small tears. This is essential for anyone who suffers from hyper pigmentation and scarring as this will gradually lighten deep marks. This contains pumpkin fruit, organic sugar cane, neem oil, ginger root and orange peel amongst a whole host of other ingredients that are known to repair the skins surface and improve texture. It had a tingling feeling to the skin, but after use your skin is noticeably brighter.

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What are your top tips/ingredients for great skin? Do you have any favourite face masks? x

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    Ohh gosh I really want to try all of these!!! They sound amazing 😀

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