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I’m always on the lookout for new hair care, particularly to see the different effect certain ingredients can have in terms of health and length retention. Having relaxed (chemical straightening) and battered my hair with heat for basically my entire young life, it’s been a real measure for me, going natural, to invest in products with a more naturally sourced ingredient base.

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Flora & Curl are a new hair care company with just that in mind. Products specifically formulated for curly to kinky hair types here in the UK with natural and organic ingredients (100% natural). Free from all the nasties I typically avoid such as sulphates, silicones, mineral oil & and other synthetics, all the products have specific floral attributes. The products are heaving with super enriching oils, butters and humectants which are essential for dryer hair types like mine. My best test is to use products with my number one hairstyle: a braid out. I prefer braidouts as they keep my hair the most stretched which means the least tangled for my super coily hair. It’s a style that lasts the longest and I can tell by softness, definition, hold and colour as to wether it works for me.

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Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist

This is a daily moisturising spray with aloe vera, rose water, jasmine, sandalwood and lavender. You can use it to revitalise a wash and go, on damp hair as a leave in or as the base of your moistursing routine. Both Aloe vera & Rose Water balance the pH of skin and hair (hence why many use rose water as a toner). It’s also a great anti inflammatory so is useful for any scalp itching, and aloe tends to have natural healing properties. Using hydration sprays are a great alternative for moisturising hair between washes if you live in a hard water area.

Verdict: The scent is relaxing not overbearing. On a personal level, I like that it doesn’t contain glycerin however I don’t think my hair does great with Aloe Vera despite many naturals loving it. I did feel I needed a lot to really work into my hair compared to plain H2O.


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African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Hair Oil

Seal in moisture, pre-poo or make a conditioning hot oil treatment using this protect me oil blend with everything from grapeseed and castor to manketti and baobab oils! Jojoba oil mimics natural sebum which coily ends don’t receive so it drinks oils up, keeping strands lubricated, tangle free and soft. Castor oil is great for growth and avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft so is great for all hair types.

Verdict: Love the smell; It’s orangey zesty goodness. It’s the perfect consistency, not too heavy at all and works into my hair really well. I don’t necessarily think it adds shine/sheen but may do so on a looser hair type. I wouldn’t detangle with this oil if that’s your thing but I would definitely do a hot oil treatment, it feels like spa scalp massages with the scent and blend.


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Flower Garden Hair Butter Concentrate.

Perfect for LCO/LOC methods, this further locks in moisture, protecting hair from dryness. Shea butter nourishes hair from within with natural vitamin E and contains a natural spf for shining spring days. Suited most to kinky-coily hair textures though still great for curly heads in place of gel. It’s also great as a styling butter. Coconut oil is hair strengthening and protects against hygral fatigue and this also contains hibiscus (growth & strength) and green tea extract (antioxidant).

Verdict: Blends seamlessly like an absolute dream into a rosey oil. Smells fantastic and is my favourite of the line (biased as rose is my favourite scent). It’s a perfect soft whip with oils that seal, penetrate and strengthen like rice oil. Only thing I guess is I wish it was bigger.



Flora & Curls ethos is about going back to what hair needs and I like that the line is about botanics and herbs but hasn’t gone about it in an arty farty way. The packaging is delicate and useful, I could access the butter easily, the spray is a fine mist and the oil has a pump which you can lock.

natural hair shea butter mix

The entire line smells incredible, it’s worked it’s way into my top two favourite smelling products, the other being As I Am hydration elation. It contains some of my favourite perfume bases such as rose and what smells to me like orange blossom. I’m least in favour of the hydrating mist, surprisingly, though I would give it another go when rehydrating my wash & go to see how it fairs. I don’t saturate my hair but did need more oomph because it didn’t always feel like it was moisturising as opposed to ‘sitting on top’ I’d be worried to use it all in one go for effect. The butter is my favourite and I will explore how it does outside of the line. It is towards the mid-high range in terms of price, though it’s worth noting it’s a local and small business, hand crafting the products so if you’re able, it’s worth giving a try.

*Flora & Curl gifted me their line for an honest review, all views and content (images, words, information) are my own, and owned by me.


  1. Natasha
    8th May 2017 / 7:09 pm

    I love this line… I agree with you about the most but it works well for me to refresh my wash and go. The oil is my favvvvv definitely added shine, moisture ad softness to my hair (plus the smell is divine).

  2. 2nd August 2017 / 3:40 pm

    After 3 days I undid my braids, and my hair was soft, moisturised, with great definition and with a natural shine.

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