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Alex and I booked a last minute get away to Tenerife thanks to his parents and it was a very welcomed break as we hadn’t had much of a ‘summer’ in Britain. If your geography is as terrible as mine you’ll be interested to find out Tenerife is part of a group of islands (called canary islands, owned by Spain) and actually sits close to Northern Africa meaning sun sun sun. Whilst to some this is party island, we were in the sleepier north of Puerto De La Cruz which meant we could really get some p & q and sink into this sea town.

Our purpose was purely to relax but me being me I have to find at least one cultural attraction and me also being me, when I saw the Jardin Botanico on the coach drive to our hotel I stored it in my mind as THE place we were going. I love a peaceful park walk and this didn’t disappoint with gargantuan trees, quirky plants and vibrant greens reminiscent of Jamaica. I was transported to a rainforest with dragonflies and maze like paths, and at €3 each for entry it’s a steal.

Despite being on a good few beach holidays I’ve never felt so close to the sea as I did here. You could practically see the blue horizon no matter how much you walked. The only other skyline you get is the sloping hills that lead up to the volcano for which the town is known for, and why the sands are a unique black colour! I must talk about those sands, it’s so peculiar and my word does it show up on every towel and t-shirt.

We stuck to the hotel for most meals however we did go to the Adana Beach Club for dinner on our last night and I kid you not I had the best dessert of all time there and I am a chocolate pudding SNOB, ten out of ten would recommend. We also had some incredible pizza just opposite the gardens and now both love extra cheese and oregano.

I’ve started on my duolingo app again as, just as I did in france, I felt I wish I knew at least a few spanish words for a conversation so I’m trying to make it more of routinely thing for my future travels. The weather was warm though a bit foggy at times due to the ‘cano and a great wind down break.

Zig x

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  1. Delores (Mumz) Dunkley-Beswick
    5th November 2017 / 3:12 am

    How absolutely beautiful! The wall, that boulder built into it and the black sand is such a beautiful backdrop. The boulder in itself is so interesting looking, like the face of an animal. Of course you look fab as usual and I just love the outfits.

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