I strongly believe in what I write and post and it is something I love to do. Everything I share here from opinions to images are completely my own unless otherwise stated.
Sometimes I am gifted products to review, I can assure you that my reviews are my honest opinion and that I am explicit when something is gifted; If a post is sponsored I will also state this with a small declaration. I never take on sponsored work that I would never use myself, doesn’t suit/fit what my blog (or me) is about, or feel wouldn’t be useful or entertaining to share with you.
For my posts I may use affiliate links such as shopstyle. I earn a small commission from purchases made through these links. This does not affect how much you spend on the item and should you wish, you can search via google away from my link.
Please note that I share my own experiences and so can only give advice and recommendations based on this. I have valid experience in certain things but am not, for example, a trained beautician/cosmetologist/doctor so cannot take responsibility for products or tips that don’t work for you as recommended by me. Please use your own discretion.
If you would like to use any of my images or take quotes from my journal posts please credit them back to myself here. Uncredited items and those reposted for advertisement/commerical purposes without my consent can be considered intellectual property theft
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