How To Christen Your Home


How to make a home, a home. Well, my boyfriend and I moved into our new place in late May and I immediately started pouring over furnishings and colour schemes, designs made to appeal to our visitors. But truthfully these things, whilst great, are not what make a place special, warm or homely. It’s the fine touches I’d love to share with you here, that makes your space individual and a home.

In collaboration with Bloom & Wild

Autumn Mornings Bouquet


Did you ever lose a school jumper and one of the first things you noticed as you went through lost property was that you could ‘smell’ yours? Or when you stepped into your friend’s house for the first time did you get a particular smell that you realise ‘belongs’ to them? Scent is unique to individuals and family homes. It’s a mix of perfumes and cultural cooking, flowers and what becomes signature soaps and shower gels. I’ve started creating ours by having a recurring scent in each room. I use candles for the bedroom to add depth and create a peaceful setting such as Jo Malone’s peony & blush suede. For the kitchen and bathroom I prefer diffusers and the bathroom has a cotton linen scent to keep it fresh and delicate. The living room is a mix of candles of a slightly heavier scent and bouquets that frequent my desk.

wild ar heart rose

Personal Yet Practical

This wicker chair was actually my parents and I took it with me when they moved. It’s since become my desk chair, then vanity chair (before I needed to save space and swapped it for a stool) and is now my reading chair and little nook for me. It’s not particularly expensive, but it holds memories and I’ve up-cycled with cushions to make it more cosy. Having a space for you within your home is so important to make it more warm and a place you want to be. If nooks aren’t your thing, this could come in the shape of family heirlooms, a mixing bowl you picked up on your favourite holiday or a pen you bought on eBay that was used by someone famous! It will hold a lot of weight but won’t take up unnecessary space as it’s useful.


Flowers are a great way to welcome people into your home, bring life to a room and centre an area. My bouquet is the warming but bright Autumn Mornings bouquet, with stems such as eucalyptus, as part of the limited edition collection from my favourite floral brands: Bloom & Wild x Wild at Heart by Nikki Tibbles.


Pictures & Stories

Nothing says a home like seeing who lives there, and walking past frames evoke the memories shared by families and friends. Even when I lived alone I kept photos of friends, family and my partner on any shelf or surface I could find-and who could forget my infamous photo wall at my student digs (it was essentially a meme wall of funny photos from nights out). This alongside books from my childhood and non-fiction stories paint a picture of my lifestyle and interests, these stop a place being just brick and mortar.

Wild at Heart Flowers

Cushions & Throws

Homes are more about emotions and feeling. How I feel at home, the connection to the people in it, the escapism and relaxation. Nothing feels more comfortable than soft duvets and blankets. I have a throw in nearly every room and it’s not just for winter. Wrapping up gives yourself and visitors the cocooned feeling and can the texture can warm up seemingly cold leather sofa’s and wooden coffee tables. Whether at the end of a bed or a few rolled up in a basket, the patterns and colours are endless to suit all styles and make you feel at home.

Bloom & Wild review

It’s the small things with hidden meaning that christen a home and are carried on whether moving place or passing them down. What things make a home for you? Check out the rest of the Bloom x Wild x Wild at Heart flower delivery as designed by Nikki Tibbles.

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  1. Delores
    8th October 2017 / 3:18 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Great ideas which have motivated me to do chores I have been putting off for over a year now since I moved to my new place! Thank you, thank you! 🙏🙏🙏

  2. V
    2nd December 2017 / 8:29 am

    Girl yes! Loved this post ❤️

  3. 2nd December 2017 / 6:06 pm

    omg i just love this. i love everything about this! you look perfect and your photos are making me googly eyed. they’re SO good <3

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