London Style

Zig Beswick was created as an answer to all the passions I have and things i get up to, Zig being my nickname created by friends when I stated that ‘no nickname can be made out of Zahra’ and so I’ve stuck with it, and used it across my social media.

With an affection for fashion and beauty, and a love to talk, write and find out more about people (and myself) I started blogging in 2010. With a few hiccups I returned in 2013 and my blog has evolved over the years to where we are now.

I’ve expanded my blogging experience, grown and changed but I’ve always had an eye for quality. I look for that in the ingredients of my products to outstanding pieces in my wardrobe, and aim to reflect that in my posts.

ZigBeswick.com is my ongoing life journey; wether it’s travel, fashion, hair love or general musings, I like to include all aspects of my life that I enjoy and the processes we go through.

My youtube channel is an extension of this and If you’re curious about my hair i’d suggest you check out my natural hair care channel here.

Zahra x